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MC Creative was established in 2012 after the founder Melanie Callender graduated in 2011 with a BA in Interior Architecture. In 2018 she obtained her masters in Advertising, Branding and Communication. 

MC Creative provides marketing and creative design solutions such as conceptual designs, illustrations and spatial design solutions including high quality OOH displays.
Brand communication, brand management, professional graphic design and social media management.

Meet the Founder

Get to know why I love what I do!

What time do you wake up & the first thing you do in the morning? 
These days, usually around 7:30am, I stretch, say my affirmations and then grab a cup of coffee. I think acknowledging your mental wellbeing is very important and I try to incorporate regular meditation into my daily routine as much as possible.

First-ever job? Selling kitchens over the phone, LOL, every hustle has a beginning! 

Dream career aspirations? Creative Director- running the show and inspiring a team. 

Why MC Creative ?
Straight out of my Bachelor’s, hardly anyone was hiring and I needed the experience, freelancing was the best option to get temporary roles and build a portfolio of experience.  

Favourite part of creating and design?
The creative process, bouncing ideas around good and bad, some never make it to the finished product but it’s always rewarding looking back. 

Most cherished memory? 
It will always be Christmas in Trinidad with my mother, grandparents and my brother, nothing beats that Christmas morning excitement!

Opportunity you think you missed out on? 
Becoming a professional chef! I love to cook but I’m happy experimenting in the kitchen for now. 

Favourite country you’ve been to thus far?
Mexico hands down, the culture, the weather, the food and the people! I would go back a thousand times. 

Drink of choice? Ohh…a refreshing G&T with loads of lemon… I might have one now…   

Name a song that gets your creativity flowing? 
These days Khalid is getting me through with his soulful RnB but I do love some old school hits from the 90s and most definitely SOCA!

Best part of your day? 
Usually at the end ticking things off my list helps me manage my time, I enjoy seeing what I’ve accomplished and what’s left to tackle.

What’s your must have travel items? 
Oh I can’t go anywhere without my noise cancelling headphones and a good podcast loaded, I love to listen to inspirational talks that invigorate my creative senses. 

What’s your favourite guilty TV pleasure?
I am so random with what I watch, but I genuinely am an old soul! I love a great re-run marathon of ‘Murder She Wrote’ but at the same time I am a huge reality TV fan and my favourites are ‘The Real Housewives’ I practically watch all of them. 

What’s on your favourite form of social media?
I think Twitter is so underrated, or maybe it’s because I originally wanted to study english as my initial choice for a university degree. So I am a word lover!! I also think it’s the best way to get the attention of any business if you’re in need of customer service or general updates. 


Brand Development
Building brands and understanding client’s needs to achieve the set objectives and KPIs.

Creative Strategy
Managing creative teams to deliver captivating and engaging advertising and marketing.

Strategic Planning & Marketing Strategy
Analysing the data and conducting market research- making key decisions on trends and providing innovative solutions.

Advertising & Social Media
Understanding the market, creating engaging strategies to stay relevant in any climate; also knowledge of PR.

Design & Research
From inception to completion, excellent project management skills keeping an eye on tight deadlines to meet all deliverables.

Mixed-use materials
Understanding print and OOH displays, materials and textures for best use of signage and advertising. 


Logos and Social Media Designs

Exhibition Design

Product Design

Spatial Design & Renders


We look forward to working with you, please let us know how we can help bring your brand to life!